Siromer Mini Baler

Siromer compact tractor mini baler

The Siromer Mini Baler is built to last and great value.

Ideal for baling hay, silage, vine cuttings and more.

Featuring an internal hydraulic pump the baler is PTO driven and produces 70cm bales, which are 60cm wide. String is automatically wrapped round the bale.

An internal hydraulic pump means there is no need for your tractor to be fitted with a spool valve, which makes the baler suitable for the majority of 24-40HP compact tractor / small tractors.

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Siromer Drum Mower

Siromer compact tractor drum mower

Available in either a 1.35m or 1.65m working width the Siromer drum mower is ideal for cutting grass ready for baling.

The drums are equipped with three cutting knives, which work simultaneously for an even cut.

Drum mower apron/curtain protects both the machine and operator.

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Siromer Wrapper

siromer topper

Wrapper for mini round bales.

Automatic start to user set number of layers, stopping on completion.

Electric or petrol motor available.

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Siromer Hay Rake

Siromer compact tractor hay rake

Can be used to row up or spread freshly mown grass.

Tedding - Spread, swarth or windrow so crops dry faster.

Rake - Precise raking action produces fluffy, uniform windrows that dry evenly. Self centring wheels provide extra manoeuvrability, allowing you to make sharp turns without lifting the machine.



Tedding Width250cm
Tines per Rotor4
Number of Rotors6
Working Speed4-8km/h
Power Required20-40hp

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